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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you create banners for me?

Yes, we can create and produce banners for you that match the requirements for both TrucksNL, as well as for over 2 million other websites.

2. What / Who is Tnl Business?

Tnl Business is the international trade name that includes among others the brands TrucksNL and the stock management system TruckDelta. Tnl Business offers a wide range of online marketing and sales support independent of this platform. Want to know more? Click here

3. What are the costs of views / clicks?

The costs of views and/or clicks differs. When advertising at TrucksNL, you can already advertise from € 0,01 per view, depending on the position you want your banner to show. When you start advertising on over 2 million other websites, the cost per click is subject to Google regulations. The average cost per click is € 0,15.

4. I don not advertise any vehicles on TrucksNL. Can I still place a banner?

Yes, this is still possible.

5. Can I advertise on TrucksNL and on millons of other websites simultaneously?

Yes, you can combine both types of advertising. This way, you will be able to show your banner to potential customers in every step of the buying process. From orientation to consideration and decicion making.