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Van Hool VanHool13 3ass RVS tank 26m3 self supporting

Price€ 25.000,-
License PlateON-69-BR
  • 3 axles
  • ABS
  • Air suspension
  • EBS
  • Used
  • Tare weight: 7820 kg
  • Max. Weight: 39000 kg
  • Length: 1111 cm
  • Width: 255 cm
  • Height: 375 cm
Options: Anti-lock braking system

VanHool 2013
3 assige oplegger
BPW assen met trommelremmen
1e as liftbaar

RVS chassis

VanHool RVS tank
Tanknr 201993
voor levensmiddelen / Food tanker / Lebensmittel
26.000 Liter / 26 m3
2 mangaten
1 compartiment
Loopbordes bovenop met valbeveiliging
werkdruk 2 bar
max temp 50 gr Celc
RVS 1.4404 EN10028-7
volledig self-supporting
aggregaat Hatz Diesel
2x pomp Goultz 100L/uur

ook gelijke 2010 oplegger beschikbaar

Tyre size: 385/65 22,5
Brakes: drum brakes
Rear axle 1: Lift axle; Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Make axles: BPW; Tyre profile left: 30%; Tyre profile right: 40%
Rear axle 2: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Tyre profile left: 70%; Tyre profile right: 50%
Rear axle 3: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Tyre profile left: 60%; Tyre profile right: 70%
Carrying capacity: 31.180 kg
Wheelbase: 747 cm
Make of bodywork: VanHool RVS tank voor levensmiddelen, 26m3
Number of compartments: 1
Pump: Yes
High-pressure pump: Yes
General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

Company Details:
Fitt Nederland BV
Dorpsweg 13
4221 LD Hoogblokland
The Netherlands
0031 183 56 2888
info @

Bank Details:
Dokter Reilinghplein 2
4141 DB Leerdam
The Netherlands 335321623
IBAN NL68RABO0335321623

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Fitt Nederland B.V.

Dorpsweg 13
4221 LD, Hoogblokland
+31 (0) 183 - 562 888
+31 (0) 6 24 66 22 92
Nico Breedijk, Christiaan Breedijk

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