Aerial Platforms

The surface on which the AWP is used is important. Tracked work platforms are often used on rough terrain while wheeled work platforms are suitable for paved roads and indoor work.

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Buying a used work platform

AWPs are available in various models. In essence, every work platform does the same job, namely ensuring that you and your staff can work safely at heights. In many cases, an aerial work platform is compulsory and the employee must be secured.

Aerial work platforms in many forms

Do you mainly work on location or on your own grounds? Is the ground paved or do you have to deal with rough terrain? Will you be using the aerial work platform indoors or outdoors? This all determines which work platform is the most suitable.

  • Mobile truck mounted work platforms

These boom lifts are equipped with an extendable telescopic arm, which makes them very easy to carry and deploy on location. JGL and Genie are specialised in this type of work platform.

  • Scissor lift

A scissor lift does not protrude anywhere when retracted. This makes them ideal for work environments with limited space.

  • Telescopic boom lift

A boom lift with a telescopic arm reaches higher than most other versions. A height of 15 to 18 metres is not exceptional. Because these boom lifts can also extend lengthways, they are often used by garden and park services.

  • Articulated boom lift

The articulated arm is hydraulically driven and the control is in the bin. This way, the operator can also drive the wheels from the work platform. A knuckle boom boom lift can be loaded to about 230 kg.

  • Spider work platform

Mobile, compact and with a range of more than 30 metres. These work platforms are used for work at really great heights. Thanks to their small size, they are easy to deploy.

Indoors or outdoors?

The surface on which an aerial platform is used determines whether you should purchase a version on wheels or caterpillar tracks. Caterpillar tracks are slower, but more stable than wheels on uneven or sloping surfaces.


  • JLG aerial platforms
  • Genie aerial platforms
  • Haulotte aerial platforms
  • Skyjack aerial platforms
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