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Army trucks, Defence vehicles

Used army trucks are built for heavy duty work and therefore have a very long service life. Moreover, these trucks have been well maintained for years. Each country has its own camouflage colours.

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From the iconic DAF YA-328 to the modern Volkswagen Amarok and the well-known Unimog brand, army trucks and other defence vehicles are immensely popular among collectors. But also as an entrepreneur, and in some cases even as a private person, it can be beneficial to buy old army trucks.

Well-equipped army trucks

An advantage of an old army truck is that these vehicles are not only equipped for the toughest conditions, they are also designed for that purpose. This means that many army trucks are resistant to shocks and blows from the chassis to the electronics. One example is an armoured fuel tank. So you never have to worry about it cracking on a rough road. Other examples are extra protection for the lights and the presence of a powerful 4x4 drive system.

Colours say something about a truck's service record

Especially if you are a collector, it is interesting to know that the colours in which you buy used army trucks say something about the truck's past. You may already have noticed that many army trucks are available in three variations:

  • Camouflage print

Camouflaged trucks are mainly used by the army. For the first time in years, a different type has been chosen, which means that the characteristic DAF Leyland trucks are now being discarded. A great opportunity for a collector.

  • White trucks

The white trucks you see have been part of the fleet of the United Nations. Especially brands like Ford, MAN, Mercedes Benz and Scania pass by.

  • Brown, black or sand coloured

Brown, black camouflaged or sand coloured trucks have mostly been used during missions in the Middle East.

Other army vehicles

Most trucks have served as transport vehicles for moving troops. There are also trucks and other heavy machinery that have been used mainly for support work by the engineers. These are vehicles designed for a specific task, such as forming a pontoon bridge.

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