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A bulldozer has a wide bucket at the front with which it moves a large amount of sand. A bulldozer is often used to level the terrain. Its powerful engine and tracks make it suitable for difficult terrain.

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A bulldozer is used to move soil or rubble in order to level the ground or bring soil together. In addition to levelling terrain, the machine can also be used to level dykes, for example. It is also possible to use the machine for digging trenches. The bulldozer is used in the construction industry, especially in weighing and hydraulic engineering. The machine is also used by the military for clearing rubble and making passages in inhospitable areas.

Power vehicle with tracks or pneumatic tyres

The bulldozer is available with caterpillar tracks. There is also a wheeled bulldozer with pneumatic tyres. A tracked bulldozer is very stable on rough terrain and evens out the ground surface with the tracks. With the tracks, the bulldozer has extra grip on the ground surface. A bulldozer with pneumatic tyres cannot do this. But it can drive on paved surfaces and is more manoeuvrable than a tracked bulldozer. The bulldozer is generally equipped with tracks.

The bulldozer is a tractor with a powerful engine that allows the vehicle to move soil effortlessly even on difficult terrain. The blade of the bulldozer cannot move, so it can only move debris or sand with all its might. This is the difference with a shovel with a front blade, because this can move up and down. The bulldozer generally has more pushing power.

Bulldozers come in different sizes

The larger bulldozers are used for levelling the ground. Smaller bulldozers are also used for construction work. Well-known brands that produce bulldozers are Caterpillar, Liebherr and Komatsu.

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