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Box trucks for C and C1 driving licence ( GVW from 3.500kg and up)

A box truck, also called a straight or small truck, is more economical than a tractor with semi-trailer. Medium-weight trucks (3500 - 7,500kg) may be driven professionally by drivers who have a C1 driving licence . For rigids with a GVW above 7,500kg, a C driving licence is mandatory.

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Box trucks

Box-body trucks are between a delivery van and a large tractor-trailer combination. This makes them more mobile than a large truck and they have a higher loading capacity than a delivery van. So they are ideal for entrepreneurs who deliver their goods in urban areas. An important piece of equipment on a box-body truck is the tailboard.

Tolls and driving licences

Depending on the purposes for which delivery trucks are used, the total weight (GVW) is an important factor. In several European countries, tolls are charged depending on the GVW. 

Heavy box trucks from 7.5 tons = C driving licence
Medium box trucks from 3.5t to 7.5t = C1 driving licence

Box trucks up to 3.5 tons belong to a different category, namely the box-body commercial vehicles. Box-bodies up to 3.5 tons may be driven by someone with a B driving licence. The regular car driving licence.

The construction of a box-body truck

Most box-body trucks have six wheels that are divided between two or three axles. In a two-axle version, the rear axle has double wheels to support the load in the box. The cab structure is virtually the same as that of standard tractors. This means that the engine block is located under the cabin. There are also so-called 'torpedo trucks' with a classic long nose. In Europe, these are not often used anymore because they take up too much space. Finally, the body and the cab are mounted on a single chassis.

The advantages of this body

Because the axles are mounted relatively far out on the ends of the body, the body is stable and feels little different from a large car. The construction of the cabin means that the driver is still in front of the front wheels and therefore has a good overview of the road. And with the body and the cabin on a single chassis, a rigid is shorter and therefore more manoeuvrable than larger trucks.

Well-known and reliable brands

A box-body truck has to last a long time. Therefore you want a reliable brand that requires little maintenance. Some reliable brands are:

- Scania
- Mercedes Benz
- Renault
- Iveco

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Where can I find box trucks with tailgate?

You can easily select box trucks that are equipped with a tailgate. Apply the tailgate filter under attachment.