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Crane truck / Car crane

A crane truck is a crane/telescopic crane on the chassis of a truck. Through a telescopic boom, the crane extends to 8 times its original length. A telescopic crane lifts objects with a maximum capacity of 750 tons.

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The crane truck is a truck chassis with a telescopic mast mounted on it. This mast is usually equipped with an auxiliary boom/JIB that increases the crane's capacity.


A crane truck is also called a truck crane and, just like an all terrain crane, has a second cabin from which the crane is steered.

When to use?

Crane trucks are allowed to drive on public roads and motorways and have a maximum speed of about 90 km/h. Crane trucks are often used for construction work on paved surfaces. They are often used for construction work in the city, but can also be used on many construction sites thanks to extendable outriggers (legs) that increase stability. Crane trucks can reach locations that are difficult to access. The lifting capacity of a crane truck offers a solution for many loading and unloading activities around the building site. When extremely heavy loads have to be lifted, all terrain or mobile tower cranes are used.

Not a collective name for all mobile cranes

The term crane truck is often used as a collective term for all mobile cranes, while technically this is incorrect. An all terrain crane or mobile tower crane may be related but they differ from each other in various respects such as maximum lifting capacity, range and speed.

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