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Crawler Excavators

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A crawler excavator (also known as a crawler crane) provides a stable digging platform in the most difficult-to-reach places. When the bucket is scooping up soil, it is held towards the cab for added stability. This prevents the machine from tipping over during work.

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This machine is for digging on rough terrain. With the tracks, the excavator drives stably over irregular surfaces. The excavator's tracked area is also slightly levelled. Liebherr and Caterpillar are well-known names in the field of heavy-duty machines.

Crawler excavators for excavation work on various jobsites

Especially in road construction, tracked excavators are used a lot. Caterpillar excavators are also used for landscaping or demolition work. In horticulture, mini crawler excavators are used, because they sometimes have to carry out excavation work in a small area. 

There are different sizes of tracked excavators ranging from a capacity of under 10 tonnes to the largest models with a capacity of 90 tonnes. Caterpillar excavators are also used in the agricultural sector. The possibility of attaching various attachments to the excavator arm means that the machine can be used in many areas.

Besides the size, there are different types of crawler excavators. The telescopic excavator has an extendable arm. This can also be used to load cargo into or pick up from hard-to-reach places. The excavator arm works with a hydraulic system. With the different attachments, the crawler excavator can be used for different things. There are loading and digging buckets, which can also be used to load rubble or soil. Furthermore, an auger can be mounted to drill deeper.

The tracked excavator, made to perform in impassable areas

The tracks make driving on ordinary roads difficult. The tracked excavators are therefore transported to the work site on a loader. The excavator with pneumatic tyres is easier to drive and also more manoeuvrable. The tracks are more stable and have a better grip on the surface in rough terrain.

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