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Dump Trucks

For mining and road construction, dump trucks with a high loading weight are indispensable. Thanks to the articulated chassis, the dump trucks from Caterpillar, Volvo and Terex are very mobile. Most trucks are equipped with large all-terrain wheels for extra stability and comfort.

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A dump truck is used for transporting and dumping bulk materials such as sand and gravel or demolition waste. Available in many different designs, dump trucks have been used for decades in construction, agriculture, mining and forestry.

An off-road dump truck in two variants

Dump trucks come in all shapes and sizes. A dump truck 'dumps' its load through the tailgate thanks to a pair of hydraulic or pneumatic lifting arms that tilt the loading bay. A dump truck can be divided into roughly two types. Both types of trucks are mainly used off-road.

  • Articulated dump trucks
    These trucks have an articulated chassis, which means that the cabin and the loading bay are connected by a hinge. Despite its length, an articulated hauler can therefore make tight turns. This makes them ideal for urban construction sites with little room to manoeuvre.
  • Rigid dumpers
    Huge dump trucks that can carry loads of up to 100 tons. This load capacity is partly due to the V-shaped keel of the body. Due to its massive construction and suspension, a rigid dumper is not suitable for public roads. They are mainly used in the mining industry and in quarries to transport large loads of stone and rubble to a central point. From there, the debris is removed by smaller dump trucks.

Although all dump trucks are built to perform off-road, there is a limit to the terrain that a wheeled dumper can handle. Therefore, if the terrain is very sloping, it is recommended to choose a tracked dump truck for extra stability.

Well-known brands

By far the most well-known dump trucks are built by Caterpillar. The yellow-and-black trucks are immensely popular because of their payload, reliability and safety features. Other well-known brands include Volvo, Terex and Komatsu.

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