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Refrigerated Semi Trailers

Flowers, AGF products and other perishable goods retain their value better when you transport them from A to B with a refrigerated freezer trailer (also called a refrigerated trailer). Most trailers are equipped with an electric refrigeration system that you can adjust from 30℃ to -30℃.

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Refrigerated-freezer trailer

Conditioned transport is impossible to imagine away from our contemporary society. Refrigerated-freezer trailers play a big role in most (international) food chains. Your chilled or frozen groceries have been transported an average of 3 times in a refrigerated trailer before they reach the supermarket shelves.

Refrigerated trailers

Refrigerated freezer trailers are equipped with a cooling engine to keep the goods at the right temperature during the trip. Most trailers are equipped with a cooling engine that runs on both diesel and electricity.

While driving, the cooling engine is powered by the combustion engine. In addition, one can connect the refrigeration system to power during a ferry crossing, or when the semi-trailer is stationary at a cargo terminal.

However, these traditional cooling engines are increasingly having to make way for latest-generation cooling engines. Trailers are increasingly equipped with hybrid cooling engines to minimize fuel consumption and noise pollution.

Standard fridge-freezer trailers

A standard refrigerated freezer trailer is 13.6 meters long and has 3 rigid axles with a load capacity of 9 tons per axle. The inside height of a standard fridge-freezer trailer is a maximum of 2.75 meters, so that it can be coupled behind a standard tractor within the legal dimensions.


Many refrigerated trailers are used in the distribution of foodstuffs or flowers, for example. Because flowers are generally much lighter than most foodstuffs, they are often transported in a refrigerated freezer semi-trailer with 2 axles. Smaller distribution trailers are also often equipped with 2 or even 1 axle, whether or not in combination with a tailboard.

In international work, 3 axle refrigerated-freezer trailers are by far the most common. These trailers are also increasingly equipped with a tailboard, so that the driver can load and unload more easily by himself.

Well-known brands of refrigerated trailers include Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, Lamberet and Chereau.

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