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Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the most commonly used means of transport for the transport of loose goods. The most common sizes of shipping containers are 20ft, 20ft high cube, 40ft and 45ft.

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Sea containers: the success of standardised dimensions

The reason that shipping containers have become so popular in the transport world is that they can be easily loaded from a ship onto a train or truck. This saves a lot of time during transshipment and allows companies to work more efficiently. The most common size is TEU. This stands for Twenty feet Equivalent Unit, popularly called a 20-footer. 20 feet is approximately 6 metres.

In addition to this size, there are a number of standard sizes:

  • 20 ft
  • 20 ft highcube
  • 40 ft
  • 45 ft

The 7 most common shipping containers

Because many different goods are transported, there are different types of shipping containers. The most common are:

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