Sliding Curtain Semi Trailers

Choose the trailer that best suits your work. The range includes trailers that can be loaded from the front, side or top.

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Sliding tarpaulin trailers

Sliding tarpaulin trailers are the most common semi-trailers on European roads. This is not surprising, because this type of semi-trailer can be used for many purposes. When one speaks of general cargo, this can actually always be transported in a curtainsider semi-trailer.

Standard trailer

A standard curtainsider is 13.6 metres long and is fitted with 3 rigid axles with a load capacity of 9 tonnes per axle. The trailer can be fitted with rear doors or with a tarpaulin to close the rear. The interior height of a standard curtainsider varies between 2.7 metres and 2.85 metres, so it can be coupled to a standard tractor.


In addition to the standard curtainsider semi-trailer, we have many other versions. With a loading volume of 100 m3 a mega volume trailer is a good example. These trailers can only be coupled behind a mega volume tractor, because otherwise the height of the combination exceeds the statutory 4 metres.

For lighter and smaller loads you can of course also choose a curtainsider with 2 axles, or even a curtainsider with 1 axle. This type of trailer is often used for distribution work, and is therefore usually equipped with a tailgate.

Sliding tarpaulin trailers that are used in distribution work or have to load or unload in other tight places are often equipped with steering axles. Well-known manufacturers of steered curtainsider trailers are Pacton, Renders and Groenewegen.

Other well-known makes of curtainsider trailers are Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, and Kögel.