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Tipper trucks from 3.5 tonnes

You use a tipper to easily unload bulk cargoes on the construction site. Tippers are equipped with a hydraulic piston which causes the bucket to tilt and the load to be unloaded through the tailgate. Time saving and reliable, especially in the construction and agricultural sectors.

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Buy used tipper trucks

Tipper trucks make loading and unloading of bulk materials easy, thanks to a hydraulic arm that tilts the loading bay. The load falls out of the truck through the back. For this reason, tipper trucks are also known as dump trucks.

Different types of tipper trucks

Tipper trucks have been around for a long time, but as processes and ways of working change, there is now a whole range of tipper trucks for specific purposes. The most common tipper trucks are:

  • Standard tipper trucks
    The combination of a tractor with a tipper body. The body is tipped by one or two hydraulic arms in the truck.
  • Tipper trailers
    Some trucks can be coupled with a tipper trailer. This works in exactly the same way as a standard tipper truck. So you can transport twice as much for only a small increase in fuel consumption.
  • 3-sided / side tipper
    Sideways tipper trucks or tipper trucks that can tip on three sides are often used to dump loads in the mining industry or in railway construction.
  • Commercial tipper trucks
    Tipper trucks are used for smaller loads. The boundary between a commercial vehicle and a lorry is determined by the GVW and the driver's licence required. Tipper trucks up to 3.5 tonnes are classified under tipper trucks.

Tipper hydraulics

The towing unit or tractor must be equipped with tipper hydraulics. The tipper body is raised by means of PTO (power take off). 

Famous brands

Tippers are large machines that have to work under heavy conditions. For safety and efficiency, you therefore want a truck that is worth your time and money. Well-known brands are MAN, Iveco, Mercedes Benz and Volvo.

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