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Wheeled Excavators

Wheel excavators (tyre cranes) are usually somewhat smaller than the tracked version. This also means that these machines are more versatile and can easily be driven to another construction site. Well-known brands are Liebherr, Atlas, Bobcat and Caterpillar.

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The wheel excavator (also called a tyre crane) is characterised by its pneumatic tyres. The advantage over the tracked excavator is that the wheel excavator is easier to drive on the road. A crawler excavator will actually always have to be transported with a loader. The tracked excavator is more stable in inhospitable areas and it presses the surface more evenly. However, the excavator with pneumatic tyres is faster and more manoeuvrable. The tracks can also damage the road surface. The brands Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, Komatsu and Hitachi, among others, supply various types of excavators.

The wheel excavator for digging, levelling and shifting

Besides digging pits and trenches, the excavator can also be used to level terrain or to move materials. The excavators can dig several metres deep, depending on their size. The excavator can have a tipping device. With the various attachments, the wheel excavators can be used for multiple purposes. For example, sorting grabs or crushing buckets can be mounted on the arm for demolition work. With a bucket, rubble can be picked up and moved.

Precision work in the garden or at the edge of a ravine

Wheel excavators come in various sizes and types. The wheel excavators vary from the weight class of less than 10 to 90 tonnes in weight capacity. The mini wheel excavator, the smallest weight class, is suitable for precision work on terrain where there is little room to move. These excavators are, for example, used in the agricultural sector in the stables. The spinning excavator is a special wheel excavator. This excavator does not move because of its wheels. The excavator has extendable legs. By extending and retracting the legs, the machine moves forward like a spider. Therefore, this excavator can be used in an environment with steep slopes, such as mountains or in excavations.

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