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Liebherr Cranes

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Browse our wide range of Liebherr mobile tower cranes, crawler cranes, transfer cranes, telescopic cranes and rough terrain cranes.

117 advertisements
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The Liebherr construction company was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. Liebherr started with the production of affordable tower cranes and in the first decade develops from a small construction company to an established manufacturer of construction machinery and many other products. Liebherr specializes in the development of lifting cranes, including telescopic cranes, construction vehicles (shovels, excavators).  

Types of Liebherr cranes 

A tower crane consists of a mast that is either on the ground or anchored. At the top of the mast is the boom with horizontal arm. The tower crane is also called a construction crane and is mainly used in large construction projects.  

The mobile tower crane is a tower crane which is easily movable. Mobile tower cranes are mainly used in urban areas where there is limited space.  

A telescopic crane is a type of crane on a truck chassis with a telescoping boom consisting of extendable tubes. Telescopic means that something can be adjusted in length by sliding it together or apart. The lifting arm can then hinge up and down by means of one or more hydraulic cylinders. The crane is used for short-term projects such as demolition. A telescopic crane is usually a mobile crane, with the advantage that it can be used for quick and short lifting jobs. The telescopic crane also comes with tracks, this is called a tracked telescopic crane.  

The crawler crane is also called a crawler crane. This is a mobile lifting crane on tracks. This allows the crane to work in difficult and inaccessible places. The undercarriage provides more stability and flexibility.  

Rough terrain cranes are used in places where normal mobile cranes cannot reach. The rough terrain crane is a compact crane that is often used for industrial maintenance work.  

Material handling cranes have a long arm with a bend in the middle that creates an arc shape. This makes it easier to transfer goods. Material handling cranes have an application in various industries, such as scrap processing, recycling and port operations. 

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Are you interested in a Liebherr crane? You have the possibility to buy a used Liebherr crane. The offer from different advertisers, includes different types of Liebherr cranes from all price ranges. Moreover, you can easily compare the year of manufacture, operating hours and maximum lifting capacity of different vehicles. Or are you looking for Liebherr spare parts?  

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