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Forklift trucks

Indoor and outdoor forklift trucks. Indoor forklifts usually have plastic tyres and are battery-powered. An outdoor forklift truck often has a combustion engine and is a lot bigger. A forklift truck is a truck that can lift and move a pallet or other object by means of its forks. Forklift trucks of various calibres are used in the transport world. These forklift trucks are used in large warehouses or storage areas, but also in industry or the port area.

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Forklift trucks: diverse in construction and operation

The forklift truck with combustion engine runs on LPG or diesel. Petrol becomes too expensive because of the energy needed to make the machine work. Electric forklift trucks are used for the smaller models, especially for work in warehouses. There are four to six wheels under the truck. The 2 rear wheels provide the drive.

On the larger forklift trucks, the driver sits in a steel cage around the driver's seat. This is to protect the driver should the truck fall over or be knocked over. Most material handling forklift trucks have an average fork clearance of 1.20 metres. The forklift truck can be equipped with a so-called fork adjuster. Here the fork can be adjusted to different distances from each other. This allows pallets of different sizes to be transported. To lower the centre of gravity, the engine is placed under the driver's seat. The forklift trucks can vary greatly in size. As a result, their load capacity naturally varies too. This can vary from 500 kg to 90 tonnes. The lifting arms work with a hydraulic lifting system. The fork can also be tilted in some cases.

From warehouse to port: Forklift trucks can be used anywhere

There are different types of forklift trucks. The telescopic handler can be considered a forklift truck with a telescopic arm, which is suitable for driving on rough terrain. Many standard forklift trucks are not suitable for this. Another example of a forklift truck is the side loader. It transports loads in a longitudinal direction. This is handy with things of great length such as planks.

A forklift truck is different from a reach stacker. The reachstacker can stack as well as place a number of container rows next to each other. This is not possible with the forklift truck. It is often used in warehouses for building components, amongst other things.

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How do I advertise forklift trucks?

Selling one or more forklift trucks via TrucksNL is very simple. You can register for a subscription or place an ad here. In short, anyone can place an advertisement on TrucksNL.

How does TrucksNL work?

TrucksNL is an international trading platform. Anyone can place an advertisement or buy vehicles there. The site is visited daily by dealers, transport and construction companies from around the world. You can respond or receive reactions via e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp.

Are only used forklift trucks advertised?

Used forklift trucks represent the biggest offer on the website, but new and damaged objects are also offered. These make up about 10% of the total number of over 100,000 advertisements online.