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A reachstacker is a large vehicle that moves and stacks ISO containers. A reachstacker has a maximum capacity of 50 tonnes and falls into the category of heavy vehicles. These machines are often found in smaller ports.

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The reachstacker is often used in ports. Iso containers or swap bodies are moved or stacked with the reachstacker. Iso containers have internationally standardised dimensions and the reachstackers are set up to transport these size containers. Because the iso containers may vary in length, but always have the same width. For safe and efficient movement of the heavy containers, reachstackers are therefore used.

For safe moving, transporting and stacking

The telescopic boom of the reach stacker can be extended, allowing you to stack containers. The containers can be placed on a lorry. At the end of the boom is a spreader. The spreader fits exactly around the fixed width of the containers. With the boom the containers can be stacked in rows up to 6 containers on top of each other and 3 rows behind each other. Some reachstackers have forks on the boom like a forklift truck. These types of reachstackers are more limited in use. This type is only suitable for transporting containers with plug-in holes on the underside of the long side of the containers.

The reach stacker is mainly used in smaller ports. In the larger ports, the portal cranes are used. The reachstacker is also used for safe and efficient transshipment at railway terminals, for transshipment from rail to road. The water reachstacker is also suitable for placing containers from the side on the lower deck of an inland vessel.

The reach stacker, robust machine with high lifting capacity

The reachstacker remains stable during hoisting thanks to the counterweight of the truck itself. A reachstacker is also used to move coils, which are steel plate rolls, in the steel sector. The reachstacker belongs to the heavy vehicles. The machine has a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons. The reachstacker is wheeled and rides on pneumatic tyres.

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