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Truck trailers

A trailer with a load weight of more than 3500 kg must be towed by a truck. Most truck trailers have two, three or even four axles. Estimate the weight of the loads you carry and choose a trailer accordingly.

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The difference between a trailer and a truck semi-trailer is that a truck semi-trailer has a hitch that acts as a support at the same time. A trailer, on the other hand, can stand on its own because there is at least one axle at each end. The advantage of a trailer is therefore that a trailer-tractor combination can be up to two metres longer than a semi-trailer. This means extra loading space for a minimal increase in fuel consumption.

Gross Vehicle Weight

Gross Vehicle Weight determines which tow vehicle you need. The term Gross Vehicle Weight is often abbreviated to GVW.

GVW consists of:

- The mass of the towing vehicle (we are talking about the empty weight)
- The maximum permitted load capacity

If the above comes to a total of less than 3500 kg, a delivery van or car will suffice. You will need a truck if the GVW exceeds this weight. With a maximum mass of 3500 kg or more, you have to pass an MOT, pay road tax for the trailer and you need third-party insurance.

Get more from your trailer with the right equipment

A truck trailer is often used for transporting goods. Equip your trailer with a tarpaulin so that your transport arrives at its destination safely and with minimum risk of damage. A sliding tarp enables you to load and unload from the sides or even from the top. Specific equipment, such as a truck crane, is also possible.

Shovel and tipper

Shovel trailers are used for heavier work. Shovel trailers have a steerable axle at the front and an axle at the back. This allows the trailer to remain in place without a towing unit or semi-trailer being connected. 

The term tipper is slang for a centre-axle trailer. Tipper trailers are more manoeuvrable than drawbar trailers and usually have a lower GVW. The axles do not necessarily have to be in the middle, as the word middle axle suggests. They can also be positioned further to the rear. Without a towing unit, tipper trucks can also 'tip over'.  Tipper trucks are often used to transport machinery, for example. 

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