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Buy trailers for all types of transport. From closed and tanker semi-trailers to tipping and refrigerated/freezer semi-trailers for food transport. Wide range of trailers of many brands including Krone, Schmitz Cargobull and Nooteboom.

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Used trailers

Trailers are attached to the tractor and have a maximum loading capacity. Depending on the goods you are transporting, different types of trailers are available. For each type of trailer, a brief explanation of the goods you can transport is given below.

We transport almost all products by truck. From liquids like fuel and bulk goods like grain, to furniture, electronics and cars. This has led to an enormous diversity of different trailers. The right trailer for your goods shortens the loading time and increases safety during transport.

Types of trailers

In this overview, we limit ourselves to the most common trailers in the EU. Different standards often apply in other parts of the world, which means that these trailers are not always permitted on European roads.

  • Sliding tarpaulin trailer
    Equipped with a sliding tarpaulin so you can load and unload from the sides. Ideal for loading with a forklift. Some curtainsiders can also be opened at the top so that you can load them with a crane.
  • Sliding floor trailer / walking floor
    Makes loading and unloading easy thanks to a moving floor system. Floor sections are hydraulically driven and can slide forwards and backwards. This makes these trailers suitable for a wide variety of goods.
  • Refrigerated freezer trailer
    Contrary to what the name suggests, refrigerated trailers can not only cool but also heat. They are usually used to transport goods such as vegetables, fruit and flowers.
  • Tipper trailer
    A semi-trailer that can tip over. This makes unloading bulk goods much easier. The top is usually open so that you can load it with a crane or excavator.
  • Sliding semitrailer
    A fixed tarpaulin cover protects general cargo during transport from the effects of the weather.
  • Mega trailer
    Most trailers have an internal height of 2.55 metres. A megatrailer has an internal height of 3 metres for loading goods with high volumes.

In addition to these variants, there are many special trailers for less standard products. If you want a special trailer, check well in advance whether the trailer you want complies with the European legislation for goods transport.

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