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Loader Cranes / Folding boom truck cranes

A truck loading crane is mounted on the truck itself, allowing loading and unloading to be done by the truck itself. This eliminates the need for a separate crane on site.

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Truck loading crane

A truck loading crane is mounted on a truck, tractor or semi-trailer. It is an equipment that allows the truck to load and unload itself. The truck loading crane is usually placed directly behind the tractor or at the end of the trailer.

Mobile crane

There are also car loading cranes that can move along the length of the trailer/semi-trailer. These ride on a rail that is located in the floor of the trailer/semi-trailer. These types of truck-mounted cranes are usually powered by their own internal combustion engine, and are common when transporting heavy goods such as pallets of bricks and other paving materials.


The capacity of a truck-mounted crane is expressed in ton-meters. This determines how much a crane can lift at a maximum. The load diagram shows how much the crane can lift, depending on how far it is extended and how far it extends.
The crane is made up of a column, lifting arm and articulating arm. In the articulating arm there are sliding parts that allow the truck-mounted crane to be folded compactly.

Remote control

The newer models are often equipped with a radio control. This allows the operator to walk around freely while operating the crane. There are also truck-mounted cranes with a control station. The operator can sit on a chair
and use joysticks to load and/or unload the cargo.

PTO / power take off

The drive of a truck mounted crane is usually a PTO. This stands for power take off. This is a PTO shaft on the engine or gearbox that drives the hydraulic system when switched on. The car loading crane uses the engine and therefore the fuel. With heavy loads the engine will deliver more power than with light loads. In terms of wear / consumption, you can use the following rule: 1 hour operating the crane is equal to 50km driving.

Known brands of truck mounted cranes

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