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Tractor Units | loader crane

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Tractors with a truck-mounted crane are used to transport all types and sizes of goods. Well-known brands of truck-mounted cranes are Palfinger, HMF and HIAB.

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Buying a used truck with a crane 

By means of a tractor with a truck mounted crane, the driver can load and unload himself. This eliminates the need for a separate crane on site. 

It is also possible to have a separate truck mounted on a truck. Check out well-known brands for truck-mounted cranes such as Hiab, Palfinger and HMF, Effer cranes. 

Do I have to take a course to operate a truck-mounted crane? 

The Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that employers must ensure that their staff can handle a truck-mounted crane competently and safely. Therefore, employees must be provided with a certificate for certain activities.  

  • Training is required for the use of a truck-mounted crane up to 10 ton meters. 
  • For loading and unloading goods from the truck (right next to the truck) from 10 ton meters, a crane certificate is required.  
  • If the load from 10 ton meters onwards is put away, the operator's certificate is mandatory.  

Crane drive with PTO 

A truck-mounted crane with PTO (power take-off) drive ensures that the hydraulic system of the mounted crane is put into operation. When the crane is used, the tractor engine will run. If more power is requested by the crane, the engine will rev more and provide the required power.  

Tractor Units with loader crane for sale - used and new - TrucksNL

How do I advertise a car loading crane?

Selling one or more truck mounted cranes through TrucksNL is very simple. Anyone can place an advertisement. You can register here for a subscription or to place a separate advertisement.

How does TrucksNL work?

TrucksNL is an international trading platform. Anyone can post an advertisement or buy vehicles. The website is visited daily by traders, dealers, transport and construction companies from around the world. You can respond or receive responses via email, phone and WhatsApp.