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Tank Trucks

With a tanker truck, it is easier to transport bulk goods such as gas and liquids compared to other trucks. Do you need a tanker truck for transporting fuels? Choose a model with bottom loading and a vapour extraction system.

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A tanker is one of the most frequently seen trucks on European roads. In contrast to trucks with open or sliding tarpaulin trailers, tankers are used for the transport of liquids and gases.

The right tanker for every liquid and gas

Tank lorries look a lot like each other, but there are differences. Most tankers consist of a truck with a trailer. But a tractor with a tank container is also considered a tank lorry. However, the biggest differences are on the inside. You can choose from the following types of trucks:

  • Water tankers
    Water tankers are used for a wide range of activities. They can be used for transporting drinking water, as fire engines and for cleaning work.
  • Gas tankers
    Gas used as fuel must be transported in a pressure tank. The pressure is adjusted to the outside temperature in order to keep the gas liquid in the tank. An average tanker for liquid gas can transport approximately 20,000 litres at a time.
  • Tankers for petrol and diesel
    Trucks transporting this type of cargo are usually equipped with bottom loading and a vapour vacuum cleaner.
  • Foodstuffs tankers
    Foodstuffs such as milk are usually also transported by tanker. These tanks must meet the highest food safety requirements.

Are you transporting hazardous or flammable substances? Then bear in mind that the tanker must comply with high European safety requirements.

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