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Tourist Buses

Tourist buses are the way to ride with larger groups in luxury and comfort. Various models from brands such as Neoplan, MAN and Volvo are included in the range. If there is room for more than 8 people and the touring bus is heavier than 3500 kg, a special driving license is required.

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What is the difference between a tourist bus and a bus?

A touring bus is often compared to a bus. But what is the difference between the two?

The term 'bus' is used for vehicles in which more than 8 people can be transported. A touring bus is considered a bus, but is more luxurious than a bus and is often meant for long-distance journeys. In addition, seatbelts are compulsory in a touring bus which you don't see in, for example, a city bus.

Characteristics of touring buses

The number of seats in a touring bus can sometimes vary from 15 to 90 seats. There are often 4 seats in a row, compared to 3 on a city bus. This makes the aisle of the touring bus narrower than that of a city bus.

Furthermore, a touring bus has adjustable seats, luggage compartments, a toilet, air conditioning and often the possibility to play movies. Sometimes touring buses are also equipped with a coffee machine or a refrigerator. Because of the luggage space the touring bus is higher than a city bus, the luggage space is located at the bottom of the bus.

Degree of comfort

How comfortable a touring bus is, is indicated by the following terms: Tourbus, Tourist Class, Comfort Class and Royal Class. The main difference between these comfort levels is the distance between the seats (successively 70, 75, 85 and 94cm, this includes the backrest) and the extent to which the seats are adjustable. This also depends on double glass windows and extra facilities such as toilet and refrigerator.

There are several brands that have touring buses in their range: among others MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Van Hool are very well known.

Not looking for a touring bus? Then perhaps you are looking for a city bus or a taxi bus.