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Wheel loaders / shovels

Wheel loaders (also known as shovels or shovel loaders) are used as earthmoving machines. The size of a wheel loader varies from 1,300 kg to as much as 200,000 kg. The lifting arm at the front is suitable for various attachments.

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Buying used wheel loaders / shovels

"Officially, the wheel loader is intended as an earthmoving machine for moving large quantities of soil. But because the lifting arm of the wheel loader is suitable for different attachments, the machine is multi-purpose. Excavator buckets, rubble buckets and various grabs can be attached to the lifting arm. It is even possible to fit a broom. The wide wheels ensure that the wheel loader has sufficient grip in inhospitable terrain. 

The wheel loader has many names

Especially in the Netherlands the wheel loader has many names. The names are region-specific, but also age-specific. In some parts of the Netherlands the wheel loader is also referred to as a shovel or loading shovel. 

Shovel or tracks or wheels

A shovel may also be equipped with tracks. The advantage of a wheel loader over a shovel with tracks is that they do not damage the road surface and are faster on the road. Furthermore, the wheeled shovels are more manoeuvrable than the tracked ones. Because the wheel loader can work with different attachments and is stable on rough terrain, it is used in various fields.

Shovels are used in many sectors

The wheel loader is used in construction, for instance in civil engineering. A shovel is indispensable in the agricultural sector, but also for work in stables. Wheel loaders are also often used for mechanical paving. The wheel loaders usually have articulated steering, which makes the vehicles manoeuvrable. The relatively narrow width enables you to manoeuvre the machine on narrow terrain. A wheel loader can excavate to a certain depth. The shovel cannot dig below the level of the wheels. A backhoe is required for deeper excavation work.

An almost all-rounder

Wheel loaders are used in many sectors, such as road construction, the agricultural sector and mining.  The shovel comes in different sizes and weights. This can vary from 1.3 to 200 tonnes own weight. The so-called mini shovels are useful on small terrain because they are manoeuvrable. This also makes them suitable for work in stables, for example. 

Difference between wheel loader and bulldozer

A shovel is very similar to a bulldozer (wheel loader), but the big difference is that a shovel has a moveable blade. It can also be used to lift and transport loads. 

Brands wheel loaders

Caterpillar, JCB, Volvo, Komatsu and Liebherr are suppliers of wheel loaders known for their reliable quality. The wheel loader is a specialist earthmoving machine and is multifunctional in use.

Wheel loaders / shovels for sale - used and new -

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