Caterpillar Excavators

Excavators can roughly be divided into three classes: Mini-excavators for lighter work, midi-excavators for medium work and heavy excavators.

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Caterpillar Excavators

Caterpillar (CAT) has a suitable excavator for every application. For example, the mini excavators have a limited turning radius and excellent precision. Do you want a large(r) excavator? That's possible. Caterpillar's large excavators have high productivity. You can meet any challenge with a choice of power, lifting capacity, reach, digging depth or breakout force.

Popular models

Some popular models are the CAT 336, the CAT 320 and the CAT 305.

The CAT 336 is a large tracked excavator. This excavator is easy to operate, so start the engine with a push button or with a Bluetooth key holder, smartphone app or the operator ID function. In addition, you can program each button on the joystick, including pattern, response and power mode, using your own 'operator ID'. This allows the machine to remember your settings the next time you get back to work. You can also set up to 4 different offsets for slope and depth. This allows you to easily level without the use of an occupant, saving time and money.

The CAT 320 is a medium-sized excavator. Just like the 336, this excavator runs on tracks. The 'Lift Assist' function on this CAT ensures that your excavator does not tip over. You will hear and see warnings on your monitor, so you know if the load is within the safe working range of your excavator. The smaller cab, flat hood and large space give you a good view of your work. The CAT 320 also has a camera for right and rear visibility as standard.

The CAT 305 is a mini excavator. Although this excavator is not that big, you can store your tools in the many storage spaces in the cab, above your head, behind the seat and in the consoles. The 'Swing Assist' function automatically stops the excavator from swinging. The operator can set the points for digging trenches and loading trucks.

CAT also has backhoe loaders such as the 428F and wheeled excavators such as the M313.