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Buying an excavator

Excavators can be roughly divided into three classes, Mini excavators for light work, midi excavators for medium work and the heavy duty excavators.

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Excavators are indispensable on construction sites. Excavators are driven on tracks or wheels. Apart from earthmoving, excavators are also used for demolition work.

  • Tracked excavators
    Tracked excavators are driven on tracks. This type of excavator is used on difficult, rough and unpaved terrain.
  • Wheel excavators
    Wheel excavators are wheeled machines. Wheeled excavators are faster than crawler excavators. 
  • Backhoe loaders
    Backhoe loaders are also known as backhoe loaders. Backhoe loaders have a front loader (also called a boom) and an excavator arm for digging. Backhoe loaders are often used to install pipes and cables or to scoop out clods, tree trunks and roots. 
  • Trenchers
    Trenchers are also called chain excavators. They can be used to dig trenches in difficult-to-excavate ground. For example, in loamy and clay soils or where there are many stones and boulders. 

Many applications

Excavators are used in many industries such as:

  • Mining
    Raw materials, minerals and mining. Excavators often play a role in open pit mining that takes place on the surface. 
  • Road, rail and waterway construction (GWW)
    Excavators are used to move soil before roads can be built. 
  • Forestry
    In forestry, excavators are often used to dig out stumps and tree trunks.
  • Agriculture

Heavy excavators are mainly used in mining and road construction while smaller excavators are used by gardeners. 

Equipment / attachments

The arms of excavators are multi-functional. Various buckets and grabs can usually be fitted here so that the excavator can be used in various fields.

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