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Flatbed Semi Trailers

If you are looking for a versatile trailer, a flatbed semi trailer may be the best choice. Most flatbed semi trailers, for example, can be combined with a tilt or can be adapted, so that you can also use them as a wood trailer.

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A flat trailer is a large platform that you couple to your tractor to pull very heavy or unusually large loads. Think, for example, of transports in the construction sector or the agricultural sector.

A platform trailer with extra options

A standard platform trailer is suitable for stacking three pallets. However, there are many more variants. The most common ones are:

  • Different axles

There are platform trailers with three or four axles. The very largest platform trailers have no fewer than six axles. These models can carry loads from one to several hundred thousand tonnes.

  • Extendable platform

Many flat-bed trailers are very long, which makes loading without a crane or other equipment difficult. An extendable platform can offer a solution. The semi-trailer itself slides, as it were, the load onto the flatbed.

  • Stand holders

These are mainly used for transporting extra-long materials.

  • Different floors

A reinforced floor is necessary, especially for extra heavy loads, in order to prevent accidents.

Platform trailers are also available as so-called low-bed trailers. These have a lowered middle section so that heavy goods can be loaded more easily. In combination with a ramp, this type of platform trailer is used to transport construction equipment such as excavators.

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