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Lowloader semi trailers / double drop deck

The loading space of a lowloader semi trailer has been lowered so that a high load can be transported without any problem. The low loader semi trailer is stable and therefore suitable for various transports.

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Low-loader trailers are recognisable by their unique loading space. It enables you to carry higher indivisible loads. A lot of large equipment for construction projects is too high to transport with a regular or semi low loader semi-trailer. Excavators, bulldozers and telehandlers and certain types of mobile cranes are regularly transported from building site to building site by low-loader.

Points of attention with low loader trailers

Low-bed trailers can transport enormous loads, which makes them very useful in certain sectors. There are, however, a few points of attention you should take into account before purchasing a low loader.

  • Because of its size and the indivisible loads that must be transported, flatbed trailers are not covered. The load must therefore be able to withstand the weather. Logistically, this can be difficult and a low loader often returns empty. Good planning can help a lot.
  • The load is placed at the level of the axles on a special, lowered platform. This means that there is very little ground clearance. Only a few centimetres, which can lead to problems, including at railway crossings. On many routes driven in the Netherlands, the ground clearance is therefore indicated on traffic signs.

Is this a problem for your logistics plans? Then you may find what you are looking for in a semi low loader. The cargo is loaded above the axles so that there is more ground clearance. However, this means that you cannot carry as high a load.

Well-known producers

Low-bed trailers are built for heavy-duty work and will last for years. Choose an established brand for low maintenance and a low loader that you can always use safely. In the selection, you will find low loaders from the largest and most reliable manufacturers, including:

Lowloader Semi Trailers for sale - used and new - TrucksNL

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