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Lift Trucks

There are various types of forklift trucks, such as the forklift truck and the narrow-aisle forklift truck. Forklift trucks are used for internal transport and warehouse work. Find and buy used forklift trucks.

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Forklift trucks have been used in the transport sector since time immemorial. As the industry has evolved, so too have forklift trucks become more diverse to operate as efficiently as possible in any given environment. You can find used forklift trucks for every application. 

Suitable forklift trucks for every environment

The environment in which you want to use a forklift truck determines to a large extent what type you need.

Transportable forklift
Compact trucks you can attach to the back of a trailer. You disconnect the truck on location and unload the goods. A transportable forklift has a load capacity of about 2 tonnes.

Forklift trucks
Forklift trucks are available for both indoor and outdoor use. The difference lies in the size of the wheels and the drive system. Indoor forklifts are battery-powered, while outdoor forklifts usually have a diesel engine.

Rough terrain forklifts
Equipped with coarse tread tyres for extra traction on rough terrain. The front of the truck often has twin wheels for added stability when lifting loads.

Narrow aisle lift trucks
Narrow aisles give you room for more goods in the warehouse. Special narrow aisle trucks can easily manoeuvre between these narrow racks.

Side loading trucks
A special model where the load is loaded from the side. As the wheels are at the extreme corners, these trucks are much more stable and can move loads up to 15 tonnes.

Four-way trucks
Whereas a regular forklift truck has to make turns, a four-way truck can drive forwards, backwards and sideways. This saves a lot of warehouse space and eliminates the risk of collisions with racking.

Do you find that forklift trucks do not have enough height for your needs? Then look for a reach truck. These machines reach a height of 10 to 15 metres.

Well-known brands

Nissan, Linde, Toyota and Caterpillar 

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How do I advertise forklift trucks?

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Are only used forklifts and implements advertised?

Used vehicles represent the largest offer on the website, but new and damaged objects are also offered. This accounts for around 10% of the total supply of over 100,000 advertisements online.