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Loaders are indispensable in construction and agriculture. Buy wheel loaders from Caterpillar, Volvo and Komatsu. Underground loaders for mining and other applications are also offered.

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Buy used loaders

The loader is an earthmoving machine. A loader can drive on air tyres or tracks. A shovel on wheels is also called a wheel loader and the one with tracks is called a crawler loader. Loaders are mainly used in road building and construction. Tracked loaders are able to perform in an inhospitable area but hardly ever drive on the road.

A loader to move mountains

With a loader the ground is pushed and scooped. But the loader cannot dig deeper than the level of the wheels. Telescopic loaders have an extendable lifting arm. With rigid loaders, the lifting arm cannot be bent. Various attachments can be placed on the lift arm, making the machine usable in different ways. For example, a closed bucket can be placed for sand or a debris bucket. Pallet forks for lifting and transporting pallets are also possible.

A stone clamp and stone rotator can be used for moving stones. There are types of loaders with articulated steering, so called articulated wheel loaders. In this case, the machine consists of two parts so that the trolley can bend in an articulated way and is therefore more manoeuvrable. The so-called "knikmops" is the compact version of the articulated wheel loader. Because the loader can be used with various attachments, it can be used in many branches of industry and in various construction activities.

The loader is also available in various sizes ranging from 1,300 to 200,000 kilograms. The smaller models, compact loaders, are mainly used by gardeners. Loaders are also widely used in the agricultural sector. This is because mowers can also be connected to the loader or food dosing machines. When paving streets, the loader is used for mechanical paving.

Well-known brands of loaders

There are many different brands that produce loaders, some better known than others. Most of the loaders you will encounter are those from Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu and JCB.

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