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Refrigerated Trucks

Bring potatoes, vegetables, fruits other perishable products from A to B as fresh as possible with a refrigerated truck. Refrigerators from Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Volvo and DAF are available with or without an additional trailer. Most cooling engines with a standard case construction can cool down to -30°C.

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Refrigerated lorries ensure that the quality of your cargo is maintained during transport. Contrary to what many people think, and what the name suggests, refrigerated trucks can also heat and freeze. This makes them very versatile for transporting foodstuffs and prevents loss of income due to products going bad.

Different models of refrigerated lorries

A refrigerated lorry usually has a body with hard walls that are extra insulated so that the inside temperature is not affected by the temperature outside. The cooling system is often mounted inside or right above the cabin on the outside. This cooling system is usually driven by an electric motor. There are also models available with an additional trailer that is also insulated and can be cooled.
Refrigerated lorries are often used for potatoes, fruit and vegetables transport, medicine transport and flower transport. A frequently used term for refrigerated trucks is isothermal.

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