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Trucks / Lorries for sale

Find trucks /lorries from DAF, Iveco, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Scania and other well-known brands. Wide range of trucks for various types of transport such as tipper trucks and crane trucks.

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Lorry / truck

HGV stands for heavy goods vehicle. There are different types of licenses needed to drive a HGV of LGV vehicles. LGV stands for Large goods vehicles. Under the UK and European law, the LGV and HGV license are the same. With those licenses, drivers can ride commercial vehicles over a 3.500 kg gross vehicle weight (GVW). There is a lot of confusion in terms on LGV. Many think that it stands for light commercial vehicles but this isn't the case. LCV is the correct abbreviation for light commercial vehicles.

Lorry classes

  • Class 1 = category C+E
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a vehicle that is over 7.500 kg or 7.5 tonnes and have a semi-trailer or full-trailers that can be detached.
  • Class 2 = category C
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a vehicle thats is over 7.500kg and if the cab does not separate from the trailer. Example HGV types are: closed box trucks, container trucks and fire trucks.
  • Category C1
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a vehicle over 3.500kg but under 7.500kg. 
  • Category C1 + E
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a vehicle over 3.500kg but under 7.500kg with a semi-trailer or full-trailer attached. 
  • Category B + E
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a regular car and a car trailer
  • Category D
    A drivers license that allows one to drive a bus or a vehicle that carries passengers
  • Category D1
    A drivers license that allows one to driave a minivan / minibus up to 16 seats.

Lorry attachments

Some lorries are equiped with attachments like: 

Accord Dangeroux Routier / ADR

For transporting dangerous goods the driver needs extra qualification called ADR. This is required to drive certain tank trucks that carry fuel, toxic waste or other flammable liquids or gasses. ADR cabs are cabs with extra safety precautions on board like a fire extinguisher.

Major brands

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