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Swap Body Containers

Swap body containers make the transshipment of combined transport between train, ship and/or truck easy. A universal container from BDF, Renova or another renowned brand fits on every carrier. Swap bodies are equipped with gripping points so that they are easily separated from the carrier vehicle by gripping arms.

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Swap body containers

A swap body container is easily separated from the supporting vehicle. Often with attachment points for twistlocks.
To transfer a swap body container from a lorry to a train (or vice versa of course), it must have grips on the underside so that it can be lifted. Sometimes there are also twistlocks on top of the container to allow it to be lifted.


Swap body containers are usually 2.50 or 2.55 metres wide. The length is divided into two classes: 'A-Behalter' and 'C-Behalter'. A container in the A-Behalter class is 12 metres wide and longer, in the C-Behalter it is wider or longer than about 6 metres, but shorter than 12 metres.


There are four versions of the swap body container: the 'classic', the stackable C-Behalter, Swap body tanks and hook bodies.

  • The classic version has a light construction, so it is not stackable. It is often used for transporting pallets.
  • The stackable C-Behalter is, as the name suggests, stackable. Up to 6 containers of this type can be stacked.
  • A swap body tank does not actually meet the requirements of a container. Hence the different name. A swap body tank is often longer than 20ft and wider than sea containers.
  • Swap body containers are usually also seen as a variant of the swap body container, but are often not called that.
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