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You use telescopic handlers for agricultural, industrial and architectural purposes. Ideal for lifting and moving loads in hard-to-reach areas. Most telehandlers are equipped with a telescopic arm to which you can attach various attachments. This makes telehandlers very versatile and easy to use.

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Buying used telescopic handlers

With a telescopic handler, cargo or debris can be lifted and moved by means of a lifting arm. There is an important difference between telescopic handlers in the way the lifting arm works. Telehandlers are designed as either a rigid telehandler or a telehandler with a rotating arm. The telescopic arm of the rigid telescopic handler cannot rotate like the rotating arm which has a rotating disc at the bottom. The rotating arm can turn 360 degrees. This is useful if the telescopic handler has to operate in a relatively narrow space. With the telescopic arm, a load can be picked up and moved higher or lower or further or closer. The rigid telescopic handler can lift large loads due to the limited movement space.

Telescopic handler for building, demolition and construction work

Besides the difference in the rotation possibilities of the arms, there are also different types of telescopic handlers. For instance, there are telescopic handlers that can be used for digging work. A telescopic handler is similar to a forklift truck, but the latter cannot drive on rough terrain. The telescopic handler can. The telescopic arm can also reach much higher and further than the forklift truck. This makes it possible to pick up something in a place where the wheels cannot reach and the truck cannot stand.

Employable through various attachments

The arm of a telescopic handler can be fitted with forks or a bucket. In this way, various loads and debris can be lifted and moved. Several attachments are also possible. The telescopic handler can be used in different ways during a construction or demolition process. For instance, a hoist can be connected in combination with a winch. The telescopic handler can then even be used for small, less heavy lifting tasks. However, the telescopic handler does not reach the capacity of a crane. The telescopic handler can also be used for simple earth moving work. Because the attachments can be changed easily and quickly, the telescopic handler is multifunctional. Manitou is one of the largest manufacturers of telescopic handlers.

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