DAF XF 510 Tractor Units

Buy cab over engines (COE), American torpedo front tractors and heavy load tractors for heavy duty. Wide range of tractors from DAF.

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XF 510
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DAF tractors


DAF offers a complete line of tractor units starting with the DAF LF. This is the lightest tractor unit of the DAF family, available from 230 HP with a GVW from 13 tons. The LF can be used on several fronts. Think of city distribution or the transport of mini cranes or passenger cars. The LF is available as a day cabin or as a single sleeping cabin.


In the heavier segment, DAF offers the CF cab as a basis. The CF is often used for heavy distribution traffic and on medium distances. In addition to a day cab, the CF is also available as a single berth cab and as a spacious space cab. With engine powers from 300 to 530 HP, the CF can be used in a wide range of applications.


The largest and most common cab variant on DAF tractor units is the XF. The XF is available with engine powers varying between 410 and 530 HP. In Eindhoven they have chosen to deliver the XF in three cab variants, but it cannot be delivered as a day cab like the CF. With the XF you have the choice between a single berth cab with a low roof, a space cab, or the very spacious super space cab.

As a 4X2 tractor you can choose between the LF, the CF and the XF cab. Is a GVW up to 21.5 tons just not enough, or are you looking for a DAF tractor with a truck-mounted crane which makes the pressure on the drawbar axle just too high? Then a DAF CF or XF tractor with a 6X2 or 6X4 axle configuration might be the solution.

For the heaviest work DAF of course also has the factory 8X4 heavy duty tractor units in its range. With these giants which have a GVW up to 41 tons and a GCW up to 78 tons, you will get every job done.

Other popular brands of tractors are Scania, Volvo, MAN and Mercedes-Benz.