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Scania G Tractor Units

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Scania has a number of favorite tractor models of which the R-series is the most popular followed by the S-series and P-series. Suitable for off-road, long and short distance transport.

102 advertisements
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Scania Tractors     


Scania previously supplied four different cab types and has added another variant with the introduction of the Next-Gen (Next-Generation). In addition to the L-series, P-series, G-series, and R-series, the largest variant is now the S-series.           

The L-Series has the cab placed more in front of the front axle, creating a lower entry point. This variant is often used in city traffic, and is now available as a tractor for the first time. The L-series is available in three different cab variants.               

The P-series is ideally suited for regional distribution work. In addition, the P-series can be used for many more purposes, as there is a choice of no less than six cab variants. From a short cabin with a flat roof to a sleeper cab with a high roof.       

Like the P-series, the G-series is available in six cab variants. A characteristic of the G-series is that the cabin is positioned slightly higher, creating a lower engine tunnel. This offers the driver more space during his or her daily work.           

The R-series was previously Scania's largest cab variant. In the Next-Gen line, the R-series is available in five different variants. These cabs are again positioned slightly higher on the chassis, creating enough space for the mighty V8 engine.           

The S-series is Scania's flagship. With a completely flat cab floor, it offers enormous space and comfort to the driver. This series is specially designed for long distances, and is available in two different heights. The standard headroom is 1.83 meters, the extra-high cab offers a headroom of no less than 2 meters.                                        


When you say Scania you immediately think of the V8 engine. The Swedes are the only European truck manufacturer still offering a V8 engine with the typical heavy-duty roar in the heaviest class.

The 16-liter engines are available as 530-, 590-, 660- or even 770-hp trucks. These engines are available only in combination with an R- or S-series cab.   

The smaller brother of the impressive 16-liter engine is the 13-liter engine. Available in combination with all cab variants, this 6-cylinder engine delivers power ratings from 370 hp to 560 hp.

For the lighter work Scania has developed a 9 liter engine, with outputs from 280 hp to 360 hp. Some of these 9-liter engines are also available as CNG engines, which in turn benefits the environment. The S-series is the only cab variant that is not available with a 9-liter engine.

Axle configurations and equipment       

In addition to the standard 4x2 axle configuration, all cab variants are available in every conceivable tractor-axle configuration. Scania 3-axle tractors, for example, are available as 6x2 or 6x4. With a 6x2 configuration you then have the choice of a leading or trailing axle. Both axle configurations are available with an additional steered axle. For the toughest jobs, Scania tractors are also available with 4 or even 5 axles.

Furthermore, a Scania tractor can be equipped with a truck-mounted crane or a PTO system, among other things.
Other popular brands in the tractor category are: DAF, MAN, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.     

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