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For the agricultural sector, there are various agricultural machines of brands such as John Deere or New Holland. Standard tractors, narrow-gauge tractors or tractors with equipment for seeding or harvesting.

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The tractor was originally designed as an agricultural vehicle. But the machine is used today in many fields, for example road construction.

The tractor can push, tow or pull a vehicle or implement that is not driven itself. Thus, the tractor is indispensable for ploughing, sowing and harvesting.

The tractor is characterised by small wheels at the front and large wheels at the rear. This construction allows the tractor to drive easily through impassable terrain, has a better grip on the ground and does not lose power when driving over rough terrain. A three-point linkage is normally used to connect the agricultural equipment to the tractor. The front or rear power take-off (PTO) can be used to drive the implement from the tractor engine. In newer tractor models, the PTO can also be used to shift gears.

Tractors for agriculture and more

Specialised types of tractors have developed over time. The narrow-gauge tractor, for example, is suitable for fruit-growing and viticulture. This tractor is somewhat smaller and can manoeuvre through a relatively narrow passage due to its narrower track.

The articulated tractor has articulated steering. This allows the tractor to turn or kink in the middle. Therefore, this type of tractor can negotiate sharp bends. Articulated tractors are suitable for forestry and road construction.

Then there is the crawler tractor, which is increasingly used in construction. This has a caterpillar track instead of the normal tyres. The advantage of this is that the pressure of the tractor is distributed over a larger area and the tractor is easier to drive on soft ground. The track seals the ground by the vibration.

Transport tractors are designed to pull non-powered vehicles over longer distances. These tractors can usually also drive faster.

Tractor brands

John Deere, Massey Furguson, Claas, Deutz Fahr and the Dutch New Holland.

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