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Fendt Tractors Agricultural

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Fendt has a number of popular models of tractors including the Fendt 800 Vario and Fendt 700 Vario series. View narrow-track, small, medium and large tractors from Fendt.

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Fendt is a German company that makes agricultural machinery. It was founded by the Fendt brothers in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria. They began making tractors in 1930, but now they make combines, balers and harvesters in addition to tractors.  

In 1997, Fendt became part of the AGCO group. This group supplies tractors and agricultural machinery all over the world.  

Different models of Fendt 

Fendt is divided into 7 classes from small to large: 200 Vario, 300 Vario, 500 Vario, 700 Vario, 800 Vario, 900 Vario,1000 Vario and the 1100 Vario.  

The 200 Vario series consists of narrow-track or regular tractors between 79 and 124 hp. The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario is often used in vineyards and orchards. The suffix 'V', 'F', or 'P' indicates the size and especially width of the tractor. 'V' is the most compact, and 'P' the widest of the compact tractors.   

The 300 Vario series is a popular tractor series among small farms or municipal works. The 300 Vario series is the heaviest among the smaller models and come with a 4 cylinder engine with power ratings from 113 hp to 152 hp.    

The 500 Vario series, due to its compact size, is versatile in the field, grassland or transportation. This tractor series has 4 cylinder engine with power ratings from 124 to 163 hp.  

The 700 Vario series is a tractor between the medium and heavy classes. Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 has a power range between 203 and 303 hp. The Fendt Vario Gen 6 between 144 to 237 hp. The suffix "GEN" stands for generation.  

The 800 Vario series is a heavy-duty tractor with a 6-cylinder engine rated from 226 to 287 hp. The tractor is strong in the field and in transportation.  

The 900 Vario series can be used on land, in road transport and in forestry. The tractors are equipped with a MAN 6 cylinder engine with a power of 296 to 415 hp.  

The 1000 Vario series is known for its many horsepower . With up to 517 hp, the Fendt 100 Vario is Fendt's most powerful wheel tractor.   

The 1100 Vario series is a crawler tractor suitable for flat terrain and dry, loose soil. There are 3 models with a MAN 6 cylinder engine with power ranging from 511 to 673 hp.  

Other popular brands in the tractor category are: John Deere, New Holland, Case and Deutz.  

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