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Find trucks/lorries from Scania. Wide range of trucks for various types of transport such as tipper trucks and crane trucks.

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Scania, founded in 1891, is the Latin name for the province 'Skåne' in Sweden, also the logo is based on the provincial coat of arms.

The first Scania truck was made in Malmö in 1902. Since 1946 Scania sells its trucks in the Netherlands. Now it offers its trucks in more than 100 countries.


In addition to different types of trucks (e.g. tippers, closed box trucks and crane trucks), Scania also manufactures (tourist) buses and engines (ship engines, industrial engines and generator engines). In 2013 the Euro 6 V8 engine came on the market. This engine is very well known for its typical powerful engine sound. Scania is the only manufacturer to continue producing the V8 engines for the toughest range.

Scania tractor units are very popular to build as show trucks with or without a torpedo nose front.

Scania has a suitable solution for every purpose from 16 tonnes GVW upwards:

Regional traffic
Especially for regional traffic there is the P-series. The versatile P-series cab offers a lower entry level than, for example, the G and R-series. In addition to distribution work, the P-series is often used in regional construction traffic.

Urban traffic
The L-series is suitable for this purpose. Due to the extremely low entry and exit height it doesn't become a major strain to get in and out. Because of the low cab position you are also less likely to overlook something in the busy traffic around you. The P-series can also be used for urban journeys.

Off road traffic
The Scania XT is designed to withstand heavy loads and off-road driving.

Long-distance travel
Do you want to drive a long distance? Then it's best to take the S-series. This series is standardly equipped with a sleeping cabin and extra storage space. In addition, this truck has up to 730 HP. But the G and R-series are also suitable for long distances, here you can still choose between a day cab and a sleeper cab.

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