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The name Unimog stands for Universal Motor Gerät (that is Ge...more

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Unimog's first vehicle was designed and produced in Germany in 1946. Initially Unimogs were mainly used as agricultural tools. Unimogs had a high ground clearance and had a track width of exactly two rows of potted potatoes.

Many Unimog models throughout history.

Over the years the design and use of the Unimog changed. The vehicles were often used by the military. Unimogs were also delivered to municipalities. Planting services were able to reach difficult terrain and snowploughs were mounted on it in the winter. Different models had to be made and produced for all these different purposes. From the more classic Unimog 435 to modern models such as the Unimog U400:

Each Unimog has its own unique construction. There are Unimog tippers, closed box trucks, drop side trucks and some are equipped with a truck-mounted crane. A new Funmog was released in 2005. A Unimog aimed at individuals and enthusiasts. The Unimog U500 black edition.

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