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Mobile cranes

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Mobile cranes is a collective name for all types of cranes that are "mobile". This can be on wheels or on tracks. Think of crane trucks, all terrain cranes and mobile tower cranes.

1,521 advertisements
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Many types of mobile cranes

Mobile tower crane

When talking about mobile cranes one usually refers to tower cranes on crawler tracks or wheels. It is a metal mast with a horizontal boom construction (boom) that is stationed in construction projects. Over the boom is a trolley from which the hook is hanging. This type of mobile crane can move at low speeds. It is also called a mobile crane or mobile construction crane. Incidentally, a fixed tower crane also works in this way, only they cannot move around on a construction site.

Cranes on a truck chassis

Mobile cranes

The term mobile crane is also symbolic for trucks with a folding metal mast with a horizontal boom construction (boom). Literally a tower crane on wheels. The second cabin goes up so that the crane operator can work from a great height.

All terrain crane

An all-terrain crane can move on construction sites and public roads. The all terrain crane can manoeuvre very well because all axles are rotating. All terrain cranes have a telescopic mast. The front of an all terrain crane is not a typical front of a truck. All terrain cranes have a flatter driver's cab.  

Crane trucks

Crane trucks are also mobile cranes. These are trucks with a telescopic mast that can extend up to 8x the length of the base sleeve. Crane trucks are very manoeuvrable and are often used for construction projects in an urban area. Crane trucks have just like an all terrain crane a second cabin. The second cabin can often tilt so that the operator has a good view of the crane and the roof of the cabin does not obstruct the view. 

Rough terrain crane

Rough terrain cranes are also mobile, because they can drive. Rough terrain cranes can be recognized by a 4x4 axle configuration and are reinforced against weather influences. Rough terrain cranes have one cabin. Rough terrain cranes are not allowed to drive on the motorway and are usually transported by a low loader or semi low loader trailer. 

City crane

The city crane is a relatively new type of crane. It is an intermediate form of a crane truck and a crawler crane. City cranes are ideally suited for construction sites in an urban area. 

Telescopic crawler cranes

These are cranes with a telescopic mast and driving on crawler tracks. 

Trucks with a truck-mounted crane

A truck-mounted crane is equipment on a truck. A truck-mounted crane can be placed on many different trucks or tractors. Nowadays the crane is often operated with a remote control. Crane trucks and trucks with a truck-mounted crane are often mixed up. Both are called a "crane truck" but technically this is incorrect. A crane truck has a second cabin, while a truck or truck with a loader crane doesn't have one. In addition, crane trucks have a larger maximum lifting capacity. Trucks or tractor units with a loader crane are often used, for example, in the transport and unloading of paving materials. The truck-mounted crane can then often drive over the rails in the flatbed semi-trailer or drop side semi-trailer.

Which mobile crane?

This depends on where and for what it should be used. Mobile tower cranes or all terrain cranes are usually used for very heavy lifting work. These types of mobile cranes usually also have the furthest reach and the highest lifting height. 

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