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Semi lowloader - drop deck trailer

Semi low loader trailers are suitable for heavy transport. They are often used in industry and construction for transporting heavy loads or machines.

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Semi low loader trailers are necessary for the transport of massive, indivisible loads. You will come across them particularly in large-scale construction projects such as the construction of a dam or tunnels that require heavy equipment.

The construction of semi low-bed trailers

A semi low loader is slightly different from a low loader. With a semi low loader the weight is placed above the axles. Therefore, a semi low loader can carry less high loads. The loading space begins almost directly behind the neck of the trailer and extends all the way to the rear axle. The format can vary considerably. From variants with two axles to versions with as many as 10 axle lines.

Other features

There are a number of other features you may come across in semi low loader trailers.

  • The height of the loading space is between 80 centimetres and 1 metre.
  • The tyre size differs depending on the size of the semi-trailer. Larger trailers often have more than two wheels per axle.
  • In order to better manoeuvre large indivisible loads, some large semi-trailers are equipped with steerable axles. The driver is thus able to turn sharper corners. This also reduces the tractive force on the tyres, making them last longer.

When transporting, also take into account the height of the load. Because of the higher position, you cannot assume the same heights for a semi low loader.

Transport of construction machinery

Semi low loaders are often used for the transport of construction machinery. Excavators, certain types of mobile cranes that are not allowed outside built-up areas or on public roads can be transported from one building site to another.

Semi low loader or low loader?

Consider carefully whether you need semi low loaders or low loader trailers. The difference seems small, but the practical considerations are different. Remember that with a low loader you must take account of the ground clearance because the load is transported at axle height. Do you know what type of semi-trailer you need? Then take a look at the range of Broshuis, Kromhout, Nooteboom and Veldhuizen trailers.

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